Since all this has happened I have been diagnosed with Lupus Raynards, Emphysema, Sticky blood (Hughes Syndrome) and fibromyalgia three of which are incurable and also life threatening all down to vanity at the end of the day. Eight years ago when this nightmare began I decided from then onward I was going to set up a support group ans Silicone Survivors was born.

I pledged to myself that no matter how long the road or how hard the struggle I would not give in until the Public was informed that thousands of women every year are poisoned and even die from the effects of silicone poisoning from Silicone breast implants. I spent the next eight years gathering information from various medical experts around the world and talked to thousands of women and men (Penile implants and children through their mothers). I have also been to Parliament many times to fight to ban SIlicone Breast Implants and done numerous magazine articles and newspaper articles as well and documentaries. I will continue to fight until justice is served.


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