Shortly after my final operation I developed a kidney infection. This caused me great pain and sleepless nights. This was then followed by chronic chest pains very similar to a heart attack, paralysis down my left leg and arm. I was then put on morphine and sleeping tablets to relieve the pain and help me sleep.

After consulting my doctor I was referred to a neurologist, rheumatologist, toxicologist for tests whereupon I was found to have M.E. and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This only showed some of the illnesses caused by the silicone in my body not however the cure to remove the silicone from inside me.

I was then prescribed tramadol and co-proxamol to be taken at night, which caused me to be violently sick every morning.

Further symptoms developed including memory loss, impaired vision, ear infections, shingles, severe migraines resulting in hospitalisation, poikilothermia, (loss of bodies temperature gauge), hypothermia, skin lesions and dysfunctional bowel.

It took over 18 months for a member of the medical profession to finally admit that my illnesses were silicone related. When he compared my silicone count with a person who had never been implanted with silicone my count was over three times the accepted level.

I then decided to turn to alternative medicine where my toxicologist prescribed eight types of herbal remedies as well as Oxygen/Ozone Therapy which I currently have once a week which has helped me enormously. (please refer to my link page).

I have been told by numerous doctors that it could take at least five years to rid my body of silicone however I have also been told that I could never be rid of it!, until such times I have to continue to suffer on a daily basis.


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