Fruit and vegetables are coated with silicone to make them look more appetizing (take the peel off)
Shampoo Tresemme
Toothpastes Aquafresh, Macleans and advance all contain hydrated silica in fact most of toothpaste contain silicone  
Antibiotics hence why women with Siliconosis ( silicone poisoning )do not always get better with antibiotics as their bodies silicone count is much higher than women without silicone breast implants. 
Warfarin. (used to thin the blood) contains silicone dioxide
Sulfasalazine contains silicone dioxide Tesco's multi vitamins have this in them
Vichy sun lotion factor 60 contains silica
Antisan for insect bites
Avon so Soft contains dimethicone and trimethysiloxysilicate (the troops use this as insect repellant!!)
Domperidone anti sickness tablets contain silicone dioxide
Heads and shoulders contains Dimethicone
Ceclor stomach tablets
False knee implants
Eye shunts
brain shunts
Ear shunts
Tommy Tippee and Avant baby dummies contain silicone there was talk of them being taken off the market in the USA
Gaviscon Trisilicate
Bathroom and household sealants (have you ever tried washing it off your hands - no wonder surgeons have trouble removing silicone from the inside of the breasts after they have ruptured ) this is very similiar to silicone in breast implants.

There are many other products on the market which contain silicone and its derivatives. It is natural to have a small amount of silicone in the body, but, obviously if you have silicone implants and you have a high sensitivity to silicone, then taking any of these products could possibly make you sicker as they are adding to an already high silicone count.
Remember silicone breast implants leak from the moment they are manufactured!!! 

I have had some interesting messages from women who have passed on their silicone problems to their infants through the placental barrier, after the infants have been heavily medicated due to their illnesses, their mothers found that their babies health was getting worse. Some of the mothers eliminated all products containing silicone or silicone derivatives and their infants started to get better. 

Opinions here are not meant to replace advice by licensed health care professionals. However, information has been gathered for over twenty years from various silicone sufferers medical authorities and experts on silicone in the USA and other support groups all over the World who have worked with silicone sufferers over a span of forty years. Self help requires intelligence, common sense and the ability to take responsibility  for your own actions.

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