Facts About Silicone

 If I had known in 1986 what I have learnt in the last twenty years I would NEVER have had silicone breast implants put into my body.

Below are some facts, figures and information which I have gathered from reputable silicone experts around the World in the past twenty years.

1/ Did you know that there are an estimated three/four million women around the World suffering from illnesses caused       by their silicone breast implants. These illnesses include Lupus, Cancer, ME ,MS, Rheumatoid Arthritus, Autoimmune         diseases and there has been documented over 130 different illnesses which are caused by silicone breast implants.

2/ The FDA in USA never licensed Silicone Breast Implants when they were first originally manufactured in 1961.

3/ All Silicone Breast Implants gel bleed from the moment they are manufactured. The bags which contain the silicone          are porous meaning that they leak, whether they are intact or not.

4/ Most of the women in Japan who first had Silicone Breasts had the silicone injected into their breast cavity in the 1960s        and they are now dead as they died from silicone related disorders.

5/ We are told that in America, bodies cannot be buried with silicone breast implants in them as they are toxic. Yet, in           the UK the Consultants clearly state that silicone breast implants are not toxic.

6/ There are estimated over 70,000 Silicone sufferers in the UK.

7/ When silicone breast implants are manufactured  they come with a warning not to be implanted into sick women and      yet they continuously implant them into women who have breast cancer. There are around 50% of silicone breast              implants which go into women who have had masectomies. Whereby also in the USA it has been admitted that              silicone breast implants can cause cancer !!!

8/ Plastic Surgeons are told to wash the breast implants gel bleed off them before handing them to prospective customers.

9/ In the USA it has been admitted that 70% of silicone breast implants rupture within 5 years !!!! 

10/ When a woman has silicone breast implants and is pregnant she risks the health of her unborn child and it has been          documented that the silicone can travel through the placental barrier and cause brain damage to the baby and they        can also cause other horrendous  illnesses as well like esophageal mobility where the child cannot swallow!

11/ Silicone Breast Implants were taken off the market in USA Japan and other countries, unless the patient signs a                  disclaimer accepting liability for their health.

12/ Silicone poisoning is also found in joint replacements and other silicone devices.

13/ Tom Brake MP and myself went to Parliament and through campaigning got the Law changed to say that Silicone           Breast Implants are the most dangerous devices that you can put in your body.

14/ Many women who are sick when they have Silicone Breast Implants cannot understand why they do not get better        when their GP's give them medication . These medications often contain silicone and with an already overloaded              system of silicone the women often get sicker.

15/ I was literally at deaths door on three occasions, one, where the doctors could not understand why I was covered in            severe blistering after been given antibiotics which had silicone in them. I was also been put in a drug induced coma          for a month as my lungs shut down although I had smoked, the consultant admitted that my lungs had been flooded        with silicone ,had also contributed to the emphysema. I now pray I will get a lung transplant!

16/ A healthy woman will have a silicone count of 100 as it is in foods and many products. My silicone count was 400!!!!



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