My name is Dawn Beaven , I am 56 years old. For many years I worked in the film industry, this also included performing horse stunts and driving action cars and motorbikes. I also trained in Taekwondo for five years, so I was very fit and active. At the age of 24 I had silicone breast implants put in. At the time it was mainly for myself as I had a complex about being flat chested For many years I was fine the implants looked great and gave me lots of confidence


In June 1998 I found a pea sized lump in my left breast, which I never even considered might be related to my breast implants, My first thought was cancer! Upon being referred to a cancer specialist, I was given an ultrasound and it was found that my left implant had ruptured. The implants were removed and replaced within two weeks. Three months later infection set in and I developed necrosis a condition where the flesh dies! I had a hole two inches wide in my breast and the implant could be seen and was hanging out of my body ( to see this refer to my pictures in the photo section on this site). The infected implant was taken out and I was left with one implant for three months a horrendous experience which left me not wanting to go out as I totally lost all my confidence. One cannot imagine the emotional torment this puts you through when your body is in this state. Finally after three major surgeries and large quantities of morphine for the immense pain it was decided to remove the implants all together.


Shortly after my final operation I developed a kidney infection. This caused me great pain and sleepless nights. This was then followed by chronic chest pains very similar to a heart attack I then had paralysis down my left lag and arm . I was then put on morphine and sleeping tablets to relieve the pain and help me sleep. After consulting my consultant I was referred to a neurologist rheumatologist and toxicologist for tests whereupon it was discovered that some of my symptom had been caused by the silicone in my body. I was found to have ME and Rheumatoid arthritis. This did not however tell me how I was to remove the silicone from my body in fact some of the consultants said I would never remove the silicone from my body. My silicone count was 400 whereas a healthy person would have a silicone count of 100!

I was then prescribed tramadol and co-proxamol to be taken at night however this then caused me to be violently sick in the morning. Further symptoms started to develop including memory loss, impaired vision, ear infections, shingles, severe migraines resulting in hospital admissions. I also had poikilothermia the bodies temperature failing to regulate your body temperature, hypothermia skin lesions and dysfunctional bowel. It took over eighteen months for a well known consultant to diagnose me with Hughes syndrome a sticky blood condition and pus a severe auto immune disorder which can affect all the major organs to shut down.. At times it made me feel like I was going crazy as many consultants refused to recognise my illnesses this is quite common with women who have silicone breast implants. In recent years I was then diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Raynaurds, Diverticulitis,

Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, and the deadly emphysema. Also I have had ovarian cyst operation and bladder cancer twice which I had to go privately as the NHS waiting list was so long I would not be here today. I am now on oxygen 24/7 and on a bi pap machine at night to regulate my carbon oxide levels as I have hypoxia .

My medications consist of a cocktail of three inhalers, a nebuliser four times a day and ten tablets. I try to detox every now and then to counteract all these chemical medications. Also I do mindfulness which I find helps keep my mind balanced and stops you getting too depressed about your situation I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner so I use it on my minor aches and pains although unfortunately I cannot cure myself!!! 

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